Sun Moon Lake

Sun Moon Lake is situated in Nantou County, encompassed by Mount Shuishe and Mount Dajian. It covers a region of 7.7 square kilometers and has a normal water profundity of 40 meters. Partitioned into northern and southern segments by an island called Guanghua, it gets the extraordinary name on the grounds that the northern segment takes after a rhombus-molded sun while the southern segment resembles a sickle formed moon.

As per legend, a white deer added to the disclosure of the lake. Three hundred years back, a gathering of workers were chasing when they found a huge white deer racing toward the northwest. They took after this stunning animal for three days and evenings, yet it at last vanished in the backwoods. On the fourth day, after they had traveled through the timberland, they happened upon a noteworthy vista. They saw moving verdant mountains and a gleaming lake sparkling splendidly under the sun. A little round island secured with trees partitioned the lake into two sections. One section resembled the sun and the other part resembled the moon, so they called it Sun Moon Lake. Pulled in by the rich soil and lovely view there, the laborers chose to settle down and started another life.

Initially called Shui Shalian and Long Lake, the Sun Moon is the biggest characteristic lake in Taiwan. The atmosphere around there is very calm with the most noteworthy summer temperature being under 22C (71.6F) and the least winter temperature bottoming out at 15C (59F). With such a wonderful atmosphere, it is a best decision as a late spring resort. Other than the cool climate, guests are drawn by the superb landscape. The excellence of the lake lies in its quiet gem water that plainly mirrors the encompassing mountains. No matter what, winter or summer, it offers guests a plenty of pleasant sights. On the off chance that the landscape of the lake were a divider timetable astounding and stunning pictures would be found by turning over each page. It is amazingly appealing around evening time. At the point when the water is showered in moonlight tinged with a layer of thin mist, it gives the presence of a place existing just in legend.

Numerous spots of intrigue are found around the lake. Wenwu Temple, situated close to the north shore, pays reverence to Confucius (551-479 BC), the author of Confucianism. It additionally respects General Yue Fei (1103-1142) of the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279) and Guan Yu, an awesome general of Shu States in the Three Kingdoms (221-263). The sanctuary is tall and marvelous and is outlined by the highlights of the encompassing mountains. Guanghua Island is the entombment place of Xuan Zang (602-664), the priest who went to India by walking to look for the sutra. At long last, on the island, there is a structure named for Old Man under the Moon (the divine force of marriage). Last Holiday , i booking tiger air from this website. Maybe it can help you to find cheap flight ticket. Hope you enjoy this article. Happy Travelling !