SimCity Buildit Keys to Grow Your City


In this new SimCity, through some new graphics and layered maps, we are able to check where the pollution focuses and how they evolve on the territory of our city. These graphs are tremendously useful for checking why there are so many sick people and visiting the hospital. In addition, the more money we collect, the easier it will be to access clean and renewable energy for our city.

And this is one of the features that make SimCity more realistic. We find industrialized cities and by extension more polluting that they provide the necessary energy resources to raise other cities based on the game, tourism and technological development. These latter cities are much healthier and can house higher class inhabitants.

The middle and upper class inhabitants are what will make our city capable of modernizing and increasing its population density. When our city looks stagnant and nothing is built beyond beautiful single-family homes, it will be time to modernize the infrastructure in search of denser constructions.

This will be achieved by creating green areas that attract higher classes and upgrading the streets to denser avenues.

Through a simple tool we can update the category of our streets. We will automatically see how to build higher, more luxurious and beautiful buildings.

As with residential areas, if we want our industry to modernize and attract better and more prestigious companies, it is necessary that infrastructures are up to par. Infrastructures such as commercial ports, which can be connected directly to train lines or ports where ships can carry goods to trade with other cities.

Keeping this SimCity BuildIt Hack generator kind of equipment up to date will guarantee an industrially modern city and happy inhabitants that unemployment is not one of their concerns. When our city has a surplus of production of light, oil or minerals among many other raw materials, it will be able to sell these resources to the neighboring cities. As well as providing basic services such as health care, garbage collection or firefighters to cities that do not yet have these resources. This will bring us interesting income for the coffers of the town hall.