The 4 Most Annoying Insects Who Are Around Us

Most Annoying Insects Who Are Around UsForget about butterflies, dragonflies, and also ladybugs because they include beautiful insects. The huge insect world is not only filled with butterflies, dragonflies, and ladybirds, there are still many types of insects scattered around us. And among them there is a very annoying and annoying, Guaranteed you must hate the insect.

1. Mosquitoes

Of all the insects mentioned above, there is nothing more annoying than mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are the most annoying, disturbing, and disease-causing insects. His body can be small, but these insects are the animals that most of the many casualties.

Mosquito is a disease spreader. Aedes Aegypti mosquito causes dengue fever. And Anopheles mosquitoes spread malaria disease. As with fleas, mosquitoes use blood to survive. Only the female mosquito sucks the blood. The blood is used to help them lay their eggs.

2. Flies

If the food menu louse is blood, flies do not have a special food menu at all. All can be eaten by these insects. Fly eat in two ways, first by sucking the liquid contained in the food by using a mouth like a straw. Kedia by using a special liquid to destroy food.

There are many types of flies on earth, and none of them are profitable. Flies are a source of disease. There are several types of flies that spread its own disease. Flies can be found wherever you are. Especially in the summer, flies will appear much more.

3. Fleas

In addition to mosquitoes, there is another insect whose hobby is sucking human blood. The insect is flea. Flea has a very small size, its length is only 3 mm. Very small, can not fly, and parasites are not only for humans but also animals. To survive, the louse must suck the blood of its host.

Flea moves by jumping, and they are very reliable jumpers. When sucking the blood of its host, lice can spread disease. Not just a mild disease, but a serious illness like the Black Death. In the Middle Ages, Black Death disease was spread by these bug insects.

4. Cockroaches

Not just annoying, but cockroaches are so frightening to people. No matter the man or woman, afraid of these small insects. The frightening moment of cockroaches is when this one animal starts flying. If the insects usually fly away from humans, cockroaches often fly more towards people.

Cockroaches are very dirty, no doubt. These animals usually often hide in the dark and dirty from the toilet. It is important for us to always keep the toilet clean. For some people, baby cockroach can cause allergies and trigger the appearance of asthma.