Black and White Bed

Black and White Bed is a form of bed minimalist theme. It is should be placed in bedroom that has modern minimal concept. Because at least two modern is synonymous with color. Designing It is very easy. You only need to provide any size beds, king beds, bunk beds, queen bed or whatever we can design a Black and White Bed. Use a white sheet as the base of your bed. Choose black blankets and pillows and place them neatly on the bed. Very easy is not it? You can even apply this design now.

The influence of Black and White Bed also spread to the entire bedroom. For example, the selection of colors for the walls and the lighting in the room. Paint the walls with black and white is something very unusual. Try something new by using patterned wallpaper zebra or leopard. Of course you have to choose wallpaper that contains two colors. For the lighting in the room, you can choose bright white fluorescent lights when you use the bedroom as a place to work. But if you want a cozy atmosphere like dramatic modern minimal design is applied, you can use the lights a bit dim but not too dark. Go to a store that sells light bulbs and ask what is appropriate for a modern minimal design that is identical to the black and white.

Go back to bed, you can choose black stripes and a white bed cover for your bed. Since the concept of modern minimal also synonymous with everything a line. If you do not like the stripe pattern, you can create a strategy using chessboard motif. Around the world, certainly the chess board in black and white. It makes the theme of Black and White Bed. Some stores sell bolsters with chess pieces design The idea is very dear when you miss. Have some design bolsters the chess pieces would be very appropriate if you want the concept of it. Bolsters the design as it is very rare skill, be the first to have the bolsters.