How to choose the type of housing



Choose the type of housing is pretty hard. The common problems related to the type of housing are get wrong choose, just see the picture of the type of housing, just want to follow others and many things. Now we would like to discuss step by step about how to choose the type of housing properly.

  • All the information’s about space

The first thing you should do before choose the type of housing is known completely about the space information’s. You should understand well about the size of the space, how the surface and many things. This is to avoid you build the house that does not match with the surface or environment. Write all the important information’s about your space and keep it.

  • Try to find the type of housing as much as you can

Second is tried to find the type of housing as much as you can. How? It is easy, just look at the internet or read about the architect book. Make sure that you read it properly and understand well about the type of housing. Filtering some type of housing to easily the last choice. Just choose what you really like for five modes at the most.

  • Adjust the reality with the dream

Try to adjust by yourself, like what is the reality and how the criteria type of housing will be fit to you. Maybe you feel like you have no skills, but just think logically like the temperature, the surface, the materials and all the things.

  • Consult with the architect

After you adjust, maybe you will have the filtering. Next is about consult it with the architect. Consult about your dream house, your space size, the environment, and what you want,

That is about how to choose the type of housing, hope you enjoy it. Thank you