Cheap WordPress Themes Under $ 10

WordPress is growing fast. Today, it becomes the most often used by bloggers. There are many themes available for WordPress even with cheap prices. In this article, we will share cheap WordPress themes that you can buy affordably.

WordPress Themes under 10 Dollars

Usually, the prices of themes for WordPress are more than 10 dollars. However, you can find affordable WordPress themes even with less than 10 dollars easily like the following options below:

  1. Editor

It can be considered as one of the most affordable themes designed for WordPress. It is priced at 2 dollars only for each. Even though cheap, the themes are bold & beautiful. The themes come with big featured images, legible typography, and stunning look.

  1. Ez Theme

This is perfect for you who love simple theme of WordPress site. The theme is priced at 7 dollars only. As one of the best cheap WordPress themes, it makes your site more attractive significantly.

  1. Yoga Lifestyle Theme

This theme costs only 6 dollars. That is why it belongs to the cheapest WordPress themes available today. It also comes with fully responsive, free support & is simple to customize. Anyway, this is recommended so much.

  1. Stork Minimal Blog

This is the cheapest one compared to all the previous options above. What makes it surprising is that this theme can be gotten for free. Even though the theme is simple, it is effective to make your WordPress site much more awesome.

  1. CMP Fitty

It may be the one that you expect. It will be a perfect choice to maintain your website page. This is also easy to use. If you are interested in it, you can buy this at 10 dollars only. So, it is reasonable if it becomes one of the most recommended cheap WordPress themes.