Senggigi Beach Lombok, The beautiful beach

Senggigi Beach Lombok, The beautiful beach

Senggigi Beach Lombok – Set halfway up the west shoreline of Lombok at the center purpose of a progression of sandy narrows, Senggigi guarantees a great deal yet is for the most part somewhat of a dump that isn’t generally justified regardless of a stay, spare as a spot to separate your excursion on the off chance that you arrive past the point where it is possible to press on somewhere else. We could never remain here in the event that we could maintain a strategic distance from it.

In the event that these were the main shorelines in Lombok, maybe we’d be kinder, yet they’re definitely not. You’ll discover tremendously better shorelines than the north on Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air, toward the south on the shorelines encompassing Kuta, and less difficult shorelines, without the problem, toward the southwest on the island shorelines that can be gone by from Gili Gede and toward the southeast on the shorelines close Ekas. Now that Lombok’s air terminal is impressively nearer to Kuta than it is to Senggigi, there’s even to a lesser extent motivation to stop here.

Senggigi itself is at the focal point of about six or so clearing narrows and uncovered shorelines that run north to south along the west bank of Lombok. The town straddles the occasionally extremely bustling north-south running street and is minimal in excess of a string of visitor focussed eateries, lodgings, guesthouses, travel operators and a ceaseless stream of touts offering their administrations. We had one on a motorbike pursuing us – in our auto – attempting to lease us an auto. Indeed, even by Bali benchmarks, the touts are in their very own class.

The focal shoreline is likewise home to a dock that gets the quick vessel administrations from Bali (in transit to and from the Gilis) and was a wreck of development and building material when we went by in December 2014. The sand, again in December 2014, was an off-dim and keeping in mind that perfect before the bigger resorts, in different spots — particularly before the Art Market at the core of Senggigi — it was in a to a great degree fair state. Why focal shorelines that probably shape a backbone of Lombok’s tourism are not kept in a superior condition of tidiness is past us. The scene is much more terrible on the headland perspectives, where individuals simply toss their loss over the railing, making heaps of unattractive refuse at each point’s base.

It’s not all terrible news however. Senggigi delivers at nightfall when the sun sets behind Nusa Penida and Bali out yonder, and there are a lot of beachside eateries, alongside the headlands that different each shoreline and cove, from where to appreciate the grouchy vista.

Far from the headlands and down on the sand, as with the shorelines of southern Bali, touts can truly take away from calm time on the sand. Some beachside eateries go to the degree of having page-long expressions of remorse clarifying without end the touts and sellers whom they keep out of the quick eatery territory. The sand is generally dingy to dark grain and can get extremely hot underneath. Companions who have gone to Senggigi at different circumstances of the year have said the shorelines are significantly more white than when we were there in December.

Senggigi appreciates a great deal of household tourism, particularly on a Sunday, when the shorelines and headlands can be pressed with local people and the street is occupied with autos, bemos and with motorbikes. Sluggish Sunday nightfall on the shoreline at Senggigi isn’t a done thing it appears and nearby tourism writing regrets the heading Lombok Tourism is endeavoring to drive the region toward.

While we would not have a delayed remain in Senggigi, there are a lot of settlement alternatives in the focal point of things, from moderate homestays through to very sensible favor lodgings. The genuine best end however is further north, around Mangsit, where you’ll discover, among others, Quincy Villas and Jeeva Klui staking out a portion of the better extends of the beachside land. Facilitate north once more, finished a hour north of Sengiggi legitimate, you’ll discover Oberoi and Tugu by the Sire Peninsula. These are the most blaze delves in the region.

There are likewise a lot of spots to eat, running from Western-focussed restaurants to Indonesian outlets. A famous night dinner is some grilled corn on the headland alongside Pura Batu Bolong. Or then again test the copious road charge — satay specifically — in the late evening close to the Art Market zone. Source:


Senggigi has a lot of universal access ATMs. The mail station is towards the northern end of the focal strip, relatively inverse The Ozzie. Two or three little drug stores are dabbed around town yet the nearest genuine healing facility is in Mataram — for genuine mishaps go to Bali for treatment.

While the coastline and the shorelines extend the distance south to Mataram and north to Bangsal, for our motivations, we’re regarding six regions similar to a piece of Senggigi: Batu Layar to the far south, trailed by Batu Bolong, the twofold shoreline that structures Senggigi (oft alluded to on maps as Senggigi Bay toward the south and Senggigi Beach toward the north), Kerandangan north once more, at that point the more sumptuous enclaves of Mangsit and Klui shorelines.

From focal Senggigi, Batu Layar toward the south and Mangsit and Klui toward the north are not strolling separation — even Batu Bolong and Kerandangan are an extend, so you’ll either require your own vehicle or need the utilization of a driver (they’ll see you, don’t stress). The focal shoreline is alright to get your feet wet, however for a calm day on a confined shoreline, one of the further abroad shorelines are an obviously better wager.